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EDHEC Family Business Centre: About us

"Family business are the most prevalent form of organisation and contribute the most to the world's economies.

Although their competitive advantage is often rooted in the family, the latter can turn into a major weakness that threatens the business survival. Different from non-family businesses, members in family businesses not only share the same organisation but also the same family. Emotions flow from the family to the business, and vice versa, affecting both the family and the business. The family business should be viewed in a holistic perspective to account for the interaction between the emotional dynamics and the entrepreneurial, financial, governance, and succession decisions.

The EDHEC Family Business Centre was created in 2012 by EDHEC Business School with the support of families (the Mulliez Family, Mage-Invest, the Michelin Family), family businesses (BIC Group, Oddo&Cie, Roquette, Somfy, Promod, Clinitex and Sisley) and global corporations (Caisse d'Epargne Nord France Europe and Deloitte). It aims at becoming a leading reference for the family business communities throughout pioneering, impactful and top-tier educational and research activities.

Whether on the research or educational levels, we focus on three major axes which represent the imperatives for the resilient and sustainable family businesses of tomorrow: Strategic Entrepreneurship, Family Dynamics Management, and Family Business Governance and Performance."

Rania Labaki
EDHEC Family Business Centre

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