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A Message from the EDHEC Dean

“Why has EDHEC launched its Family Business Centre? Firstly it is a return to our roots, EDHEC was initially founded in 1906 by family businesses involved in the textile industry. The EDHEC Family Business Centre is a reflection of our strong, historical links with family-owned businesses. Secondly many EDHEC alumni have gone on to become executives within family businesses and their input has helped us understand the need for our Family Business Centre. Finally the EDHEC Family Business Centre makes enormous sense when we consider that family businesses makes up more than 50% of the global economy and 80% of companies within the OECD. The creation of the EDHEC Family Business Centrecements our growing partnership with this important sector.”
Olivier OGER
        Dean of EDHEC Business School

Partnering with Family Businesses

EDHEC is launching its new Family Business Centre as a collaborative partnership with family-owned businesses themselves. Supported by our Founding Members and a prestigious Advisory Board, the EDHEC Family Business Centre provides management training, undertakes and publishes research and organizes events that address the specific and unique needs of family businesses.

The motivation behind the creation of the EDHEC Family Business Centre is to:

  • Demonstrate how leading family businesses have reconciled a commitment to a local region with the demands and opportunities of globalization. Many of the Centre's Founding and Associate Members are leading the way in this regard and like EDHEC Business School itself, these family businesses have grown internationally whilst remaining strongly anchored in their region of origin.
  • Make students aware of this form of entrepreneurship and the values, management approach and career opportunities available within family-owned businesses.
  • Contribute to the development of family businesses, an important source of economic growth, through targeted executive education, skills and knowledge transfer and advanced research.

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