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EDHEC Family Business Centre - Missions


Our mission: Supporting and promoting the Family Business long-term Entrepreneurial Model across Generations

The EDHEC Family Business Centre (EFBC) offers a holistic approach of the family business focusing on Business and Socio-Emotional dimensions at each level of our Research, Educational Programmes and Dissemination activities.

EFBC supports family businesses to deal with the challenges stemming out of their unique characteristics and the increasingly complex global business world. As such, EFBC offers new perspectives and innovative solutions on the following dimensions of the family business: succession, legal, financial and fiscal, social and entrepreneurial.

As such, EFBC seeks to : 
  • Inspire and serve the Family Business Communities nationally and internationally
  • Make an impact in sustaining the long term Family Business Entrepreneurial Model 
  • Propose frameworks to respond through Research and Education to the main challenges faced by Family Businesses 
  • Provide Family Businesses with tools to help them achieve their projects and endeavors
We also seek to serve as a platform for generating academic insight into management and governance practices and to foster the family business entrepreneurial model. In doing so, EDHEC seeks to recognize and respond to the specificities of family business and support them to grow in an increasingly complex global business world.

Helping Families Grow in Today's Complex Business World

The EDHEC Family Business Centre aims to support the family business communities: family members who are active in their family's business, non-active family members, non-family executives and managers working within family businesses, as well as consultants and practitioners working with family businesses (business advisors, lawyers, finance and wealth managers…). Whether on the national or international levels, the EDHEC Family Business Centre will achieve its mission through:
  • Specialized training and information sessions on the specific governance, management and succession challenges faced by family businesses.
  • The publication of research relevant to the priority themes of the EDHEC Family Business Centre .
  • Our role as a clearinghouse for discussion and exchanges through the organization of international conferences, seminars, publication of case studies etc.
  • The establishment of a Family Business Observatory within the EDHEC Family Business Centre to undertake research and international benchmarking studies.

EDHEC Family Business Centre Objectives

The EDHEC Family Business Centre’s objectives are to:
  1. EDHEC SingaporeBecome the reference on family businesses issues in Europe and Asia in terms of management training, research and international benchmarking. This will be achieved by:
- Developing educational programs on the BBA and Master levels for EDHEC students.
- Offering executive education courses at the EDHEC EMBA level as well as short programs (open enrolment seminars or customized training) for family-businesses. 
- Gathering data on family businesses in France and making the EDHEC Family Business Observatory a centre of reference. 
- Undertaking quantitative and qualitative research on the major research axes: Succession, Legal, financial and fiscal issues, social impact, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship.
- Publishing and disseminating this research (articles, books, case studies, participation in conferences and seminars).
- Organizing events for the family business communities on the national and international levels (The EDHEC Family Business Conference, Academic conferences in collaboration with major dedicated organizations, family business and practitioners’ workshops and seminars…).

  1. Exert a strong impact on SMEs (50-5,000 employees) in the regions where EDHEC’s campuses are located, in terms of the transfer of knowledge and expertise.
  2. Raise awareness of family businesses especially for the next generation of young managers (in terms of career opportunities, management and governance approaches, and transmission) notably via case studies, training, interventions by family-business members and conferences.

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