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Archives 2015

  • EDHEC Family Business GEMBA 2016: One week in Boston, USA  NOVEMBER 24, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    More Global than ever

    The next intake of the Family Business Global Executive MBA program, starting on February 2016, will take place successively in Europe, America and Asia

  • Participants of the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA continue their MBA programme in Nice  NOVEMBER 6, 2015 _ By MATTHIEU BOCEAROV

    Lille, Paris and Singapore: out of the 5 EDHEC Business School campuses, participants of the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA are already familiar with 3 of them. This week, they have just become acquainted with the Nice campus.

  • The Asia Pacific Family Office Conference: Succession Planning & Wealth Transitioning  OCTOBER 28, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    October 28-29, 2015. Hong Kong

    At the Asia Pacific Family Office Conference held by Campden Wealth in Hong Kong, Fabian BERHNARD, EDHEC Associate Professor in Family Business, will present his latest research on family business nextgen education

  • Family Business GEMBA Profiles  OCTOBER 27, 2015 _ By MATTHIEU BOCEAROV
    Going global: How next gens can capitalise on an international MBA

    Michel Haddad, a 34-year-old next gen from Lebanese family business Technica, is one of a growing number of GEMBA participants prepared to travel huge distances to study.

  • FFI Global Conference: Family Enterprise: Myths & Realities  OCTOBER 13, 2015 _ By MATTHIEU BOCEAROV
    October 21-24, 2015. London

    In the context of the FFI Global Conference held in London in October, Sylvain DAUDEL has presented Pandora®, the serious game for family business

  • The Relevance of a Whole-Person Learning Approach to Family Business Education  OCTOBER 6, 2015 _ By MATTHIEU BOCEAROV
    Concepts, Evidence, and Implications

    Research about a "whole-person learning”—an experiential pedagogy focused on the acquisition of cognitive, emotional, and social skills—is a relevant approach to next-gen development.

  • What do French middle-sized family firms really look like?   OCTOBER 6, 2015 _ By MATTHIEU BOCEAROV
    Overall Management Efficiency and Corporate Governance

    Middle-sized firms play a fundamental role in the French economy in terms of value added, employment, growth and innovation. However, little is known on their corporate ownership and governance structures.

  • Family Business GEMBA Profiles  SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 _ By MATTHIEU BOCEAROV
    Hélène, a GEMBA participant who shares the company’s vision and values

    Hélène Savalle, a participant in the Family Business GEMBA programme shares her experience and thoughts about the EDHEC Family business programme. Extract from the International New York Times

  • The Gamification of Family Business Education  AUGUST 27, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    by Tharawat Magazine

    Pandora®, the first « serious game » in corporate finance for family business. Interview with Sylvain DAUDEl.

  • Family Business Networking Venue - Singapore  JULY 28, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    FBN-Asia & EDHEC Family Business Centre

    In the framework of the third module of the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA, at Singapore, the Family Business Network Asia (FBN Asia) and EDHEC Family Business Centre organized a successful networking venue.

  • EDHEC Alumni - Family Business Event   JULY 24, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    Family Business GEMBA

    Running for the first time since February 2015, the first class of the EDHEC Family Business GEMBA was in Singapore from July 27th to August 7th. As they are new at EDHEC, we wanted to show them the #power of the EDHEC Alumni network!

    Everybody is welcome! Come and meet the Family Business Centre team and GEMBA Participants!

  • Family Business GEMBA: Welcoming the first class  JULY 22, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA

    In February, EDHEC Business School launched its first Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) programme aimed at improving the core skills of future family business leaders.

  • Best Thesis Awards for 2014 EDHEC Graduates  JULY 3, 2015 _ By ANGELIQUE MICONNET

    2014 Finance Graduates Sivagaminathan Sivasubramanian, Marie Dumas, Elsa Fernandez and Lucie Dardart, received a prize for the best thesis at the EDHEC Master graduation ceremony held early June on the Lille campus.

  • A Triple Requirement for Family Businesses  JUNE 26, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    Strategic Entrepreneurship Imperative, Family Dynamics Management and Family and Business Leadership.

    The ultimate goal for a family business is to remain as such, i.e. to continue as a company and be successfully transmitted to the next generation. And if ways and solutions are unique to each family firm, the issues are similar to many… and the challenge awesome, if we consider the low inter-generation transmission rate.

  • Latest Research : Family Businesses and Debt: Shifting Towards a New Paradigm  APRIL 3, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    EDHEC Family Business Centre

    EDHEC Family Business Research: "Family Businesses and Debt: Shifting Towards a New Paradigm", an EDHEC Business School Publication Financial Analysis and Accounting Research Centre & EDHEC Family Business Centre. Philippe FOULQUIER, PhD.

  • Linking Bonding and Bridging Ownership Social Capital in Private Firms  MARCH 20, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    Moderating Effects of Ownership-Management Overlap and Family Firm Identity

    In privately-held firms, members of the business-owning group vary in the degree to which they actively assist the firm by mobilizing their networks on the firm’s behalf. We find a small statistically significant relationship between family firm identity and quality of relationships, but with neither shared vision nor network mobilization.

  • Family-owned business & performance  MARCH 10, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    What makes family business so special?
  • EDHEC welcomes first class of the Family Business Executive MBA  FEBRUARY 23, 2015 _ By LYNN ANDERSON DAVY

    EDHEC is proud to be the first business school in Europe to offer a uniquely-tailored Executive MBA to next generation family business leaders.

  • Family Business GEMBA: Module 5 took place in London  JANUARY 4, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    The programme continues over the 5 EDHEC Campuses

    The next intake of the Family Business Global Executive MBA program, starting on February 2016, will take place successively in Europe, America and Asia

  • Trusted Family-EDHEC Scholarship Awarded  JANUARY 1, 2015 _ By ROMA GARCIA-LONGORIA
    EDHEC Family Business GEMBA

    We are happy to announce the first intake of EDHEC Family Business Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) is taking starting on February 23rd 2015 in France. Participants come from all over the globe, including Oceania, Scandinavia, and EMEA countries.

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