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The EDHEC Family Business Centre teaching expertise spreads across borders

Professors Rania Labaki and Fabian Bernhard teaching abroad in Cyprus and Germany.

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EDHEC's innovative courses locally and internationnaly.jpg

Professor Rania Labaki teaches Family Business Dynamics and Innovation at the University of Salerno and UCLan Cyprus.

The EDHEC Family Business Centre teaching expertise spreads across borders. Professor Rania Labaki was invited to teach in July 2016 at the Summer Programme of Salerno University in Italy where she shared her research expertise on Family Dynamics in Family Business.

In this course, students had the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the major emotional concepts of the family and business systems, how they interact with each other, and explore the possible options to deal with them towards the family harmony and business sustainability. In November 2016, she held a guest lecture at UCLan Cyprus on innovation in family business engaging students to reflect on the innovation role the next generation can play to sustain the family business.

Professor Fabian Bernhard teaches on the German “Mittelstand” and Family Businesses at the University of Mannheim.

In July and August 2016 Prof. Fabian Bernhard offered sessions on the particularities of the Family Business environment in Germany. With its distinctive system of tight-knit networks between medium-sized enterprises along the value chain, the so-called “Mittelstand” represents the backbone of the German economy. Several of these companies, referred to as hidden-champions, are world-market leaders in their respective niche, and could be visited after the lectures. The course was offered to international students on the campus of the University of Mannheim.

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February 8, 2017

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