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An Interactive, Dynamic Methodology for Family Businesses

Our custom programmes for family business are based on a unique know-how and methodology that we have developed in partnership with family businesses over many years. This experience has enabled us to develop a learning approach with is both effective and realistic.

EDHEC's Family Business Centre teaching methodology is based on:
  • Providing learning experiences which take participants outside of their comfort zone enabling them to identify, reflect on and confront how they react to a range of management challenges.
  • Learning from others and understanding both the differences and analogies with their own environments.
  • Appropriation of the learning experience through action learning and participative learning techniques.

The design of our custom programmes are founded on the following conviction:
Effectiveness = Motivation X Competence X Behaviour

We have developed an innovative, participative methodology that allows family business participants to take ownership of the course content and therefore be more readily able to use it in their professional life and integrate what they have learned into their management practice.     

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