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EDHEC Family Business Centre Faculty

The EDHEC Family Business Centre benefits from the prestige and academic excellence of EDHEC Business School's international faculty which is comprised of more than 150 professors, researchers and business leaders.

The EDHEC Family Business Centre meets a team of world-class international academics who bring outstanding academic and research experience to the Centre.

Lorraine UHLANER
PhD in Entrepreneurship (University of Michigan)
Associate Professor
Speciality: Entrepreneurship & Family Business

Yan DU
PhD in Applied Economics (Antwerp University)
Associate Professor
Speciality: Accounting & Family Business

Ludovic Cailluet
PhD in History (University of Lyon)
Associate Professor
Speciality: Strategic Mangament & Business History

Emmanuelle DEGLAIRE
PhD in Private Law (University of Reims)
Associate Professor
Speciality: Legal and Tax

PhD in Management Sciences (University of Bordeaux)
Director of the EDHEC Family Business Centre
Speciality: Management & Family Business
PhD in Management (University of Lille)
Associate Professor
Speciality: Family Business Strategy

PhD in Management (EBS University and WHU)
Associate Professor
Speciality: Management & Family Business

Philippe FoulquierPhilippe FOULQUIER 
PhD in Economics (University of Paris)
Associate Professor
Speciality: Finance

Isabelle MARI
PhD in Business Administration (Jonkoping University)
Associate Professor
Speciality: Management

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